Chairman: Prof. N.I. Evdoshchouk

The department is study such scientific problems: Fundamental studies concerning the processes of organic origin of hydrocarbons, their migration and distribution of oil and gas fields; creation of geosinergetic theory of petroleum orihin with a number of natural hydrocarbon-generating systems established; elaboration of lithogeodynamic analysis of petroliferous basins - new direction of scientific research; designing of methodology and dynamical models of oil and gas accumulation in the sedimentary basins; determination of genetic types and estimation of geological age for oils and condensates based on examination of their geochemical thansformations; development of the models for the promising types of reservoirs in deep horizons; fundamental theoretical and experimental studies on the problem of inorganic origin of oil and gas; Improvement of metodology to assess the effect of deep and neotectonic processes on the formation of rift and syneclise stages of cyclic sedimentation, oil and gas accumulation and еcodynamics of faulting; seismostratigraphical analysis of regional sedimentary cyclic recurrence; investigation into geology and structure of the coal basins and deposits in Ukraine; research into gen­esis of sudden i blowouts in collieries as applied to the concept of generation of meta-sta-ble highly explosive acetylene and other unsaturated hydrocarbons in coals at a consid­erable depth (3 to 7 km) in the zones of contact with the intrusive bodies, and acetylene migration in coal beds.

Departments of: Geology of Oil and Gas (Chief - G.S. Ponomarenko, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences), Geology of Coal Fields (Chief - V. Ya. Radzivill, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences).

Well-known scientists who work in the branch: A.U. Lukin, V.F. Shulga, V.A. Krayushkin, A.V. Ivanovo, LB. Zajceva, S.O. Machulina