Candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences G.S. Ponomarenko

Scientific Secretary O.D. Naumenko

Department of oil and gas geology, which first had the name of geology of oil and gas provinces, was created in 1984. It was headed by former Minister of Geology of Ukraine P.F. Shpak. Since 1997, as head of the department worked candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences. B. L. Krupskyi, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences T.F. Ponomarchuk, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences. O. Lukin. Since 2003, Acting Head of Dedartment is candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences G.S. Ponomarenko.

Under the guidance of doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences Lukin O.Y. in the department is performed the research related to the solution of theoretical and methodological problems of oil and gas geology and applications designed for prospecting and exploration for oil and gas in Ukraine in the following key areas:

- Geological structure and oil and gas basins of Ukraine and world;

- Ontogenesis of hydrocarbons in sedimentary basins of different genetic type and age;

- Scientific forecasting of oil and gas-bearing territories and water territories of Ukraine and world.

The range of problems studied is very wide: tectonic and oil and gas sedimentary basins zoning; location patterns of hydrocarbon deposits in the area and the basin cut; origin of oil and gas; accumulation conditions of oil production and conservation; the role of processes of rift genesis, geofluid dynamics; reservoir and escape rock properties, their evolution and spatial distribution; hydrocarbons trap; phase-geochemical differentiation of hydrocarbon fluids, the state of Oil and Gas Resources in Ukraine, and the world; scientific forecasting capacity of hydrocarbon raw materials.

The basic results of recent studies that are fundamental to Petroleum Geology, we should include a geosinergetic theory of origin of oil and gas, setting a number of natural carbonate generated systems; develop methodological aspects of scientific forecasting, and developing this new geological oil and gas area of research as litogeodinamical analysis of sedimentary pools and definition of phases and oil genesis and oil and gas accumulations in basins in different tectonic geodynamic type; analysis of the resource base of the hydrocarbon of the regions of Ukraine, world and on this basis, outlining the prospects for increasing reserves and resources of explosives.

In terms of practical implementation of the research it was scientific and methodological justification of exploration and identification of priority areas and objects of exploration, aimed at conducting research works in uneven Organogenic buried carbonate structures, paleodelt sediments, sedimentatal, paleogeomorfological and combined traps of different type, deep buried complexes of meta-sedimentary magmatic and metamorphic rocks, etc.

To succeed in solving practical problems it was created effective search technology of searching of oil and gas deposits in the sedimentation and paleogeomorfological traps in uneven complexes Dnieper-Donets Depression (DDD). The maps of the lower Carboniferous NVK sand DDD is a foundation of zonal and local forecasting of oil and gas. It was recommended sites for more detailed geophysical studies and drilling facilities as a priority. It was opened a number of areas and habitats of oil and gas accumulation, in particular Bohatoysko-Orelsko-Zatyshnyanskyy mehaatoll southeast DDD.

From 1992 to 2000 in the Institute successfully functioned paleostructure geology department, headed by corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine V. K. Havrysh. Since 2001, in connection with the restructuring of the Institute, employees of this department were transferred to the Department of oil and gas geology. The main achievement of this unit include:

- Construction of large-scale (1:200 000) maps of the Dnieper-Donets riftogen (DDR), paleostructure geological maps, izopachyte and litofacial maps, maps of fault tectonics and oil and gas remote sensing;

- Study of oil and cycle stratigraphy of paleozoic sediments Pereddrbrudzhynskyi riftogen;

- Slot and conus shaped minigradens allocation in DDR as a search criterion for the opening of new hydrocarbon traps in devonian deposits.

This work allowed to specify tectonic zoning of riftogene, regulations of different faults and highlight promising for searching for clusters of BB area (near 300 projects), to develop recommendations for facilitating the opening of the searches of oil and gas in combined traps at monoklinals DDR and introduce them to business Minecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and “Naftogaz of Ukraine ".

To implement research and development and their implementation in domestic oil and gas industry in 1997 on the basis of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine it was established Research and Technology Center in energy resources (RTC ER) NAS Ukraine (supervisor corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine P. F. Shpak, director candidate of geol.-min. sciences B.L. Krupskyi). Since 2000, it was renamed as the State Enterprise RTC ER NAS of Ukraine. Scientific director of the Center is the doctor of geological sciences M.I. Yevdoschuk, director candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences T.F. Ponomarchuk, Deputy Director candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences G.S. Ponomarenko.

Center is developing a national, state and sectoral programs, making forecast of oil and gas industry; determines investment priorities based on oil and gas geological and economic evaluation of resources and research in global market, a strategy to diversify sources of oil and gas supply in Ukraine and other.

In 1997, it was developed long and medium-term (to 2000) forecast for economic and social development of oil and gas industry in Ukraine, in 1998 it was made the first geological-economic evaluation of reserves and resources of oil and gas in Ukraine and the draft Law of Ukraine "On Oil and Gas”, in 2000 it was conducted a refinement of national program “Oil and Gas of Ukraine for 2010 ". In 2003-2004 it was carried out research on local and zonal forecasts of oil and gas lower carbon deposits DDD in order to "Naftogaz Ukraine".