Chief of department doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences N.S. Ognyanyk

Scientific Secretary Candidate of geological sciences E.N. Shpak

The Department of Groundwater protection has 21 employees, including a doctor and 3 candidates of geological-mineralogical and geological sciences. A part of the department is accredited petrochemical laboratory to study geological environment. Since 2004 the hydrogeology laboratory «Feofaniya» is subordinated to the department.

Chief of department professor N.S. Ognianik is the winner of Ukraine State Prize in Science and Technology (2004) for the series of works «The scientific basis of formation of groundwater resources as  a source of quality water supply and water management».

The main scientific direction of the department is to develop methodological bases of solving problems of protection and rational use of groundwater, including:

— identify patterns of groundwater, depending on the geological and hydrogeological conditions and technogenic factors;

— creation of permanent hydrological models;

— develop methods of mapping, prediction and observation of groundwater regime;

— study of processes of migration of contaminants (primarily petroleum products) and determine migration parameters in aeration zone rocks, aquifers and low permeatable separate layers;

— optimization intelligence centers of pollution and sanational work in contaminated areas.

Pursuant to the «Agreement between Ukraine and the United States to assist Ukraine in eliminating strategic nuclear weapons and prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction» from 25.10.1993, since 2000 it was made ecological and geological surveys of military airfields in. B. Tserkva, Uzyn, Chernihiv, Poltava, Mykolaiv and others. to assess the impact on the environment impact of the liquidation work.

Based on the results of research conducted by employees of the department of military facilities, it was developed «methods of analysis of ecological and geological areas of military facilities».

According to the program, developed in the department and agreed with the Ministry of Environment and Environmental Safety Service of Defense Ministry of Ukraine in the area of fuel and lubricants aerodrome «Kulbakino» (Mykolaiv) during 2002—2006 it was conducted a complex field and laboratory studies that preceded and accompanied long-term research and operational pumping of aviation kerosene lenses. For the first time in Ukraine this ambitious work was performed not only for the effect of rehabilitation, but also to on the basis of the collected materials to develop scientifically based method of exploration and extraction of kerosene mobile elements that nowadays are in many objects of the petroleum products.

It was developed and experimentally verified technique for determining the dimensions of the observation wells in the actual thickness of a layer of light petroleum products (PP), which is formed through the loss of engineering structures intended for transportation and storage of PP in soil thickness on the roof impenetrable layer or at the level of groundwater.

With SPE «Econika» it was developed and validated (approved) in the Research Centre «Ecology» at the Odessa National Polytechnic University of «Measurement of mass concentration of petroleum in soil by automatic analyzer «Mikran».

«Methods of ecological and geological surveys of military airfields areas where is executed elimination of strategic aircraft and their infrastructure» approved by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and adopted for implementation in SE MO «Central Design Institute» (CDI).

In 2001—2010, employees of the department published 40 papers, 2 brochures and 1 monograph.