Doctor of Technical sciences M.G. Demchishin

Scientific Secretary V.V. Nazarenko

There are 23 employees in the department, including three doctors and five candidates of geological-mineralogical, geological and engineering sciences.

The main activity is geological assessment of projects of various kinds of construction, the impact of economic activities on geological environment, justify measures to protect areas and buildings from the destructive manifestations of geodynamic processes.

It was developed "Comprehensive Program of landslide events”, the concept of which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from May 16, 2002. The program was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 22 September 2004 № 1256 (Demchishin M.G., Rud’ko G.I.).

In 2001, it was developed a scheme of engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions of shifts, used in the design of protective structures on the slopes of the valley of the Dnieper. It was researched the activity of landslides in the towns and urban villages of Ukraine. Together with organizations of Derzhbud of Ukraine State it was developed building codes for engineering protection of territories and buildings from landslides and collapses (Demchishin M.G.).

It was developed the method of monitoring of the geological environment in the areas of cities with historical buildings to preserve the historical and architectural monuments. The method is tested and implemented in areas of historical and architectural reserve of Kyiv and Crimea (Demchishin M.G., Rybin V.F.).

Participation in the development of the National Programme of Consolidation of water bodies and coastal seas and their engineering protection (orders of Prime Minister of Ukraine from 26.03.2003, № 16 553, Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 06.03.2003 № 609 - PG (Demchishin M. G.).

In 2005, according to the Kiev City State Administration of 10.06.2005 № 989 it was written scientific justification of design estimates of the slope reinforcement on Park Road on the section of Park Bridge to the Music stage.

It was processed the typification scheme of the geological environment of the central historical part of Kyiv (Demchishin M.G., Rybin V.F., Cherevko I.A., and L.V. Samoilenko, Bezpalova A.M.).

There was performed the full-scale study of engineering structures to protect the territory of the central part of the slope within the Kiev Dnieper River (Rybin V.F., Bezpalova A.M., Cherevko I.A.).

There was performed the analysis of geological conditions of the Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv" and "Ancient Kyiv". There was performed the investigation of changes in geological conditions of the central part of Kyiv in connection with its buildings and other uses. There was performed the monitoring of the drainage galleries and passable cavern systems. There was studied pounds humidity and its effect on stability of cave openings (Rybin V.F., Kutsyba V. O., Shehunova S.B., Selivachova U.M.).

There was developed the methodology of the study and evaluation of barrier properties of geological environment in order to create different types of underground storage facilities (oil and petroleum products, gas, and for radioactive and toxic wastes in salt thickness) (Khrushchov D. P., Shehunova S.B.).

In the future the research will be focused on engineering-geological substantiation of measures to protect the historical and architectural monuments and the protection of territories from the devastating impact of dangerous geological processes: selection and assessment of sites for isolation of radioactive and toxic wastes in geological formations.

During the years 2001-2006 it was published 122 articles, 7 monographs.