Chairman: Prof., NAS of Ukraine Corresponding Member O.Y. Mitropolsky

The principal trends in activity of the Branch Lithology, Geology of Seas and Oceans are as follows:

Marine geological research: research into the structure of Earth's crust in oceans and seas, determination of the processes governing formation accumulations of ore and non-metallic raw and source materials, hydrocarbons, examination of morphology, morphometry and dynamics of sedimentation in submarine canyons, studies concerning the geological aspects of formation of the bioproducting zones in open ocean and at a great depth beyond the zone of photosynthesis, examination of the Black Sea's gas hydrates and their practical use, research into biostratigraphy of shelf and bottom sediments, geoecological studies of the Black Sea and the Azov sea; development of approaches to conservation and improvement of environment.

Lithology: examination of material composition, structure and conditions of genesis of sedimentary formations, revealing of generalities in distribution of sedimentary mineral deposits, research into diagenetic and catagenic processes, forecasting of stratimorphic non-ferrous metal occurrences, predicting for ore and non-metallic mineral deposits, liquefied and compressed gases in salt massives and other sedimentary rocks, research into the original sedimentary and magmatic equivalents of metamorphozed rocks, generation of formational, lithophacial, paleogeographical, prognostic, metallogenic maps.

Departments of: Contemporary sedimentogenesis (Chief - Prof. O.Y.Mitropolsky, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, NAS of Ukraine Corresponding Member), Lithology (Chief - Prof. V.Kh. Gevorkian, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences).

Well-known scientists who work in the branch: V.A. Emilyanov, M.S.Kovalchuk, A. P. Olshtynska