Doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member O.Y. Mytropolskyi

Scientific Secretary -  I.I. Pustovoyt

In the department of modern marine sedimentogenesis work 15 employees, including 2 doctors and 3candidates of science.

Department completed a study of facial and geochemical analysis of sea bottom sediments of reservoirs, distribution of diatoms in the water layer and surface layer of bottom sediments in the coastal part of the Black and Azov Seas. The total diatom biostratigraphical scale of late Neogene and Quaternary deposits of the Black Sea region was worked out. (Olshtynska O.P.).

There were implemented new scientific and methodological approaches to research of lithological and facial sedimentation conditions in the area "dry land – sea” in the early Cenozoic on the northwestern Black Sea shelf and performed forecast promising areas for hydrocarbons. (Tsikhotska N.N., Maslun N.V.).

It was detected and investigated valley- kanyon system of relief shelf and continental slope of the Black Sea. It was found the widespread canyons in the Black Sea. There were allocated 60 Maritime-valley systems and 29 individual separated valleys. It was developed typing and classification of submarine canyons and valleys. It was considered the origin of canyons (Melnyk V.I., Pustovoyt I.I.).

It was conducted the geological assessment of transformation of submarine groundwater discharging, development of methodological issues of bottom sediments ecosystem differentiation in the area of intersection "land-sea", an assessment of its violations and protection (Mytropolskyi O.Y., Emelyanov V.O.).

It was studied the geology structure, evolution of ice cover and landscape of West Antarctic islands. It was studied the geological structure of litosfere segment in the West Antarctic station "Akademik Vernadsky" according to geological and geochemical and related-star studies and the impact of extreme factors (heavy metals) on homeostasis of Antarctica geo-microbiocenosis (Usenko V.P.).

It was created the Computer “Atlas of fossil diatoms of Cenozoic Ukraine”, geological and geophysical data base of the Black, Azov, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas, the waters of the Atlantic ocean, digital computer atlases: "Geological and geochemical atlas of the Black and Azov seas” (map scale 1:2 000 000), and “Geologic-geophysical atlas of the shelf of Guinea” (map scale 1:200 000 and 1:500 000) (S.P. Olshtynskyi).

There was designed and published the atlas “Deep structure and ecogeology of Ukraine (Miytropolskyi O.Y., Baysarovych M.M.).

In the context of the planned topics assesment “Geosystem of West Antarctica and its evolution” a pioneering study was conducted - the interpretation of tomographic models of density structure of West Antarctica tectonosphere, using satellite altimetric data.

There was created a kern reservoir of regular materials (4000 units), collected by staff during several decades.

Department participates in the “National program of research and resources of the Azov-Black Sea”, Ukraine State Programme of Research in Antarctica, International Russian-Ukrainian program "Geoecology junction zone" land-sea ", International Program “Sediment” and the “Mineral resources of Ukraine and their development”.

The results of long-term monitoring researches of suspension distribution are generalized within the limits of stations of geoecological monitoring (setelment Katsively, the southern shore of Cremea). Using the results of complex researches, specifies of monthly distribution of the mineral component of sedimental substance, and also sediments accumulation intensity, distribution of microelements, heavy metals, polluters (pesticides, hydrocarbones) are determined. (Mitropolsky O.Yu., Nasedkin E. I., Klyushina А.-Kh.V.)

The laws of rare and disperse elements distribution are determined. In particular, changes of composition, distribution character and concentrations of them in the Cainozoic cut can be a regulating factors to solve the questions of influence of drilling of sedimental cover at the northwest shelf of the Black sea on an ecological condition of the environment and can be used for definition of an influence level on change and degradation of litosphere in technogene environment. (Tsikhotska N.N., Klyushina А.-Kh.V.).

The evolution of siliceous microseaweed and role of them in sediments accumulation on the northwest shelf of the Black sea in Cainozoic is studied. (Olshtinska O.P., Pustovoyt I.I., Zrelykh А.А.)

The litological and biostratigraphical research of Crade and Paleogene clastic rocks on the northwestern shelf of Black sea are conducted in order to definite the particularities of the space-time distribution of them in this region. It is established, that in strates of early Crade and Paleocene-Eocene this rocks spread, mainly, west from Odessa tectonic fault. There aren’t clastic rocks in the strate of late Crade, but in  Oligocene strates they are prevalent (Tsikhotska N.N., Maslun N.V.).

The sedimentation processes on the northwestern shelf of Black sea and at the southern shore of Cremea in upwelling areas of World ocean are investigated. Zoning of sedimentation processes in areas of intensive vertical movements is carried out. The conditions of creation of system for keeping watch over the state and variability of natural conditions in a zone of interaction “dry land - sea” are studied to define a degree of influence of economic activity on natural complexes, operative control and prevention of negative changes in structure of them. (Yemelyanov V.A., Nasedkin E. I., Ivanova G.N.)

The fusuline silts distribution on the shelf of Black sea is studied. The substantial composition, physico-chemical, physico-mechanical, medical properties and tentative resources of silts for medical application is investigated within the economic zone of Ukraine in the Black sea (Yemelyanov V.A., Nasedkin E. I.).

The systems of supervision are created, experimental researches of sedimental processes on  the singled         location of the shelf are carried out. The general laws of the hydrometeorological factors operating upon the modern sea sedimentogenesis processes are investigated using the base of observations of structure and features of  sedimentogenetic substance distribution are determined within the zone of a joint “dry land - sea” (Nasedkin E. I., Ivanova G.N.).

The technology of industrial using of bottom sediments of northwestern sector of the Black Sea shelf (the area about island Zmiyiniy), including shore-harden works, is created (Yemelyanov V.A., Dovbish S.N., Kryukova N.F.).

Litologo-geochemical circuits of Jarilgach gulf are constructed, modeling of wind-wave activity influence of this gulf on formation of Cainozoic deposits is carried out. (Shostak T.A.).

Within the work of the Antarctic theme “The Characteristic of features of a deep structure of Western Antarctic Region” the interpretation of gravitomographic models, performed on the basis of altimetric data, is carried out (Usenko V.P., Pustovoyt I.I.).

The preparatory works are carried out and the first stage of performance of the international project “Updating of scientific network information system of the Black sea”, “The STAGE of Black sea” - scientific information network of isolated bases of meta-data (UP-GRADE BLACK SEA) (Mitropolsky O. Yu., Olshtynska O.P.)

Our fellows took part in the Interstate theme of the integrational project (with RAS): “The origin and evolution of siliceous organisms of Cainozoic sediments of continental basins and outside seas of Asia“ (Olshtynska O.P., Pustovoyt I.I., Zrelykh А.А.)

Our fellows also took part in the Interstate theme of the integrational project (with RAS): “Research of fundamental problems of intellectual underwater robots creation for investigation and reclamation of mineral, biological and power resources of ocean (Development of the geological requirements) ” (Mitropolsky O. Yu., Gevorkyan V.Kh.).