Department Chief- Professor, DSc. L.S. Galets’kyi

Scientific secretary - N.M. Cherniyenko


The Department consists of 16 employees, including 4 doctors and 5 candidates of geology-mineralogical and geological sciences. There are 3 persons working for doctor's degree, 5 graduate students.

Basic direction activity is the research developments in field of geology, metallogenic, geology-economic estimation of minerals, study and research of raw minerals base of Ukraine.

A purpose of researches is the effective strategy of mineral resources development in Ukraine and elaboration of scientific-methodical bases of the rational use of raw minerals base in the modern market economy conditions and world integration.

In 2005-2010:

- The appropriation of a new planetary geodynamic system - ore-concentrating megazones of activation «Geotrans» are grounded, that is perceived by world geological association at the level of international edition «The New ideas in Global Tectonics», Australia, 2010. (Galets’kyi L.S.).

- The «Program of the Ukranian rare-earth base development and a highly technological productions development on its basis» is elaborated (Galets’kyi L.S., Cherniyenko N.M.).

- The metallogenic zoning is executed and the prognostic estimation of rare-metals mineralization of East Near-Azov are carried out with determination of perspective areas on flanks and deep horizons for the following study and mastering of zirconium, rare earths, niobium, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum deposits with a purpose of further searches and mineral-resource potential increase. (Cherniyenko N.M., Galets’kyi L.S., Romanyuk L.S., Kuz’manenko I.L., Kogon E.S.).

- The fundamental researches of the complex program «Metallogeny of Ukraine» are being carried out.

The new complex method of comprehensive study of geology and metallogeny of Pre-Cambrian platforms and geosynclinal-plicate structures has been proposed on the basis of the following conceptions: the Earth's crust evolutions, stratification and heterogeneity of lithosphere, geoblock divisibility and geodivision (suture zones), metallogenic zonality. (Galets’kyi L.S., Naumenko U.Z., Cherniyenko N.M.). The natural connection of the magmatizm stages on the territory of Volyn’-Podillia trap formation distribution with the riftogenesis events is determined. (Naumenko U.Z.). It is exposed, that tectono-magmatic activation events and ore formation related to them within Ukrainian Shield and its slopes are marked well by the uranium ore concentration forming. (Subbotin A.G.). The role of metallogeny in formation of hidden intrusions gold-polimetallic mineralization within the central part of the Donetsk Plicate Area is determined (Aleksandrov O.L., Dyschuk M.Yu.). The geology-genetic model of natural copper mineralization forming is elaborated as well as predictive estimate of the Volyn’ cooper-bearing area where 4 prospective sites put up for tender  by the Ukrainian Geological Service has been completed (Derevskaya K.I.). New conception of the Ukrainian ferrous quartzite forming on the basis of hydrothermal-sedimentary genesis is developed. (Deryabin M.I.). On the basis of the idea about stratification of titan-bearing gabbroid intrusions the regularities of formation of the gabbroid varieties enriched by titanium are determined. Using geochemical data one can predict a rich titanium mineralization with accompanies elements (P, V, Sc) at the deep levels (Galets’kyi L.S., Remezova O.O). The criteria of estimation of commercial significance and determination of the most perspective geology-industrial types of clays and kaolin are presented, and also recommendations on using of untraditional mineral raw material types - refractory, glauconitic, disten, silimanit and others - are developed. (Dekhtulinskyi E.S., Kuz’manenko G. O.).

The alternative source of mineral raw materials due to use of industrial waste is marked out. Considerable part of these wastes is attributed to anthropogenic deposits; the deposits classification is worked out and technological characteristics are determined as well as prognostic assessments on nonferrous, rare, noble metals, non-metalliferous raw materials, building materials are showed. Development of deposits has begun (Galets’kyi L.S., Petrova L.O.).

- On the basis of the exposed regularities of carbohydrates deep-water deposits allocation within the Europe continental slope, the perspectives of oil and gas deposits prospecting and exploration at the Ukrainian parts of both Azov and Black seas have been determined (Krayushkin V.O., Maslyak V.A., Guseva E.O.).

- A new direction in the study of layer-waters of oil and gas deposits stratal waters enriched with valuable trace elements as raw material for rare metals obtaining is developed (Slyadnev V.O.).

- On the base of geochemical investigations of Donbas the auto-rehabilitation ability of the landscapes anthropogenic impact was determined. (Petrova L.O.).

- International experience in the scientific and scientific-technical collaboration is effectively incarnated in: monograph «Atlas «Geology and Minerals Resources of Ukraine», (Ukrainian and English (Ukraine-Canada) editions); international project «Geological development and mineragenic of East European Platform» (Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia); technological researches on the complex processing of rare-metal ores supplied from East Near-Azov deposits on the base of FGUP «Giredmet», Moscow (Ukraine-Russia).

The department team carries out active scientific researching, co-operates with the institutes of NAS of Ukraine, geological organizations of Ukrainian Geological Service and mining-and-geological enterprises. Takes an active parts in scientific- and practical conferences, has the great practices at their organization and holding.

The employees of the department have awards for direct contribution into the geological industry development. Prof., DSc. Galetskyi L.S. – Laureate of State Prize of USSR and Ukrainian SSR, the Honorary Prospector of Mineral Resources of Ukraine, has orders and medals of Ukraine and USSR; Prof. Dsc. Krayushkin V.O. – Laureate of State Prize of Ukrainian SSR; Dekhtulinskyi E.S. – the Honorary Prospector of Mineral Resources of Ukraine; Dyschuk M.Yu. – a recipient of an award the Gold Breastplate of the Geologists Ukrainian Union; Cherniyenko N.M. – a recipient of both the Silver Breastplate and Gold Breastplates of the Geologists Ukrainian Union as well as the Cross of All-Ukrainian Cossack Army for service to Ukraine.


During the period of 2005-2009, the employees of department published 217 scientific works including 17 monographs and 200 articles (including the conferences abstracts); 12 reports according to the department scientific themes are prepared.


Address of Department: Olesya Gonchara str. 55-б, Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine.

Pone: (044) 486-6351, t/f. 238-1920, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it